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Part V: A Step by Step Introduction
into the "Techno-Magic" of NCP

Introductory Note
It is very important for the beginner to go through the step-by-step practices outlined in this part of the manual before working with complex situations! This compares to the training any beginner has to do before becoming proficient in the use of a computer or any other sophisticated piece of technological equipment.

Neuro-Cybernetic Programming (NCP)

NCP is the most advanced form of Life Force Technology. It involves the use of life force generators and of a device that can be viewed as a universal structural link: the radionics device. The use of these devices compares to the use of modern methods of locomotion - planes, cars, ships, etc., instead the comparably limited old methods of walking and horseback riding. In the light of the theories that you learned in the previous chapters, the importance of the devices from HSCTI for this advanced form of life force technology is obvious! As is the case with any form of technology, you need to learn how to use it effectively. You will find a good introduction to effective use of this technology in the following chapters.


Unless you are a seasoned expert in the techniques of visualization, creation of thought forms, etc., it is not a good idea to use your equipment immediately in the hope to get spectacular results! Learning to use the equipment compares to learning to drive a car, to operate a computer, or to use any other kind of equipment.. It is very important to make small steps first. This is so, because you need to get familiar with the equipment before you operate it for high-powered work. Nobody in his or her right mind would want to hot-rod a new sports car before having gained sufficient driving experience! After your first acquaintance with the equipment, you continue to work on relatively small issues, ideally beginning with yourself. Then you proceed with projecting energy to others, again in relatively small issues. Eventually you will gain the experience and confidence that is necessary for a successful use of the equipment. If you have studied the course "Magic of the Future," you will have a bit more ease in the practices that follow. Above all, in this course you will find practices that teach you how to feel and direct life energy, perhaps even see it. In the chapters of this section, we will show you a good introductory and learning program to follow. I strongly advise that you follow these instructions step by step, from self-help to trend management, without skipping anything. This will help you to get the right "feel" for your equipment! The time invested and the persistence in your practice will certainly pay off in the form of full mastery of your new equipment!

1. First Steps and Basic Examples for Self-Help and Trend Managment! (any device)

1.1. Feel the Chi Energy Output

Turn the generator on and hold the center of your palm (either hand) approximately 1 inch (2 - 3 cm) in front of the output pipe of the EPG or radionics device. You should feel a gentle warmth, tingling, or cool breeze. The type of feeling depends very much on the system of nerve endings that react first. Persons who are skilled with their hands usually feel the cool breeze rather than warmth. Do the same with your transfer disk.

Do the same thing with your wrist. Then point the machine (about 1 to 2 inches away) at the center between your eyes.

Rule: The EPG should never be on the ground or on a concrete floor. In such a case, there is a possibility that the chi energy literally would be "grounded." Use a table, chair, or some other non-metallic stand.

Note: Do not get alarmed if, after getting used to your equipment, you do not feel the output anymore as strongly as you did in the beginning. At some point you will have energized your body to capacity. At this point it will not draw any more as much life energy as in the beginning. Consequently, your nerve endings will no longer react as strongly. Feeling less indicates a diminished flow of chi from the machine into your body as a result of its saturation, not diminished performance of your EPG!

1.2. Feel Differences in the Energy Output

Turn the Welz Chi Generator on. Then set it at the lowest level, i.e., the slowest blinking speed, by turning the dial all the way to the left. Feel the output. Then turn the dial all the way to the right. The control light will be "solid" with no blinking. Again feel and compare. Feel with wrists and forehead and compare these sensations as well.

1.3. Feel the Energy Output at a Distance

Attach the Booster part of the PBT 2000 to the output pipe of your EPG 1100 or simply use the transfer disks that come with all other devices. Put the transfer disk of the PBT 2000 at a table that is at least 6 ft away from the device. Practice also as described in 1.2.

1.4. Energize Yourself with a Structural Link

Now it is time to direct the energy toward yourself. Turn on the EPG with the power booster attached. Since Chi energy transfers at any distance (with the right structural link!), all you need to do is carry the transfer disk of the PBT 2000 with you. You may also make a transfer diagram on paper: For smooth transfer of energies, uniqueness of the transfer diagram is important. With unique transfer diagrams, leakage of energy is less likely. Use a copying machine for exactness! Design anything, even a scribble, and then make photocopies of the individual designs: two, or in some instances, three. Discard the original diagram after you finished copying. You end up with two designs that will have nothing like it anywhere. Put one diagram in front of the EPG. Take the other one somewhere else, put it on a surface, and check for transfer! Do not put it on your knee, because your body will draw the energy and the palm of your hand will not be capable of feeling it.

Set the speed of the EPG pulse at its highest level. Carry the transfer disk or transfer diagram on yourself for about one or two hours. Note the feeling of being energized that you have.

Wait for at least two hours before you continue. Better yet, wait overnight. Now you set the EPG at its lowest level (the slowest blinking rate possible) by turning the knob all the way to the left. Again, carry the transfer disk on you for one to two hours. Compare the feelings.

High frequencies activate, while low frequencies calm down.

1.5. Energize Distilled Water

Distilled water is "dead" as far as life energy is concerned. That's the reason for its bland taste. For the following experiment you need two bottles of distilled water. One bottle you put somewhere, at least 10 ft away from the EPG. Point your EPG at the other bottle for at least 12 hours. Compare the taste of the water in the two bottles. You'll be amazed!

1.6. Relax Yourself

Turn on your Chi Generator. Set the pulse rate at its lowest level or at about 6 to 8 blinks per second or set it at 7.83 Hz or lower. Lie down and put the transfer disk (or diagram) onto your chest or simply lay it beside yourself. Stay in this relaxed state for about half an hour. If you have a radionics device, you may set its trend on a relaxation rate. If you have mastered Autogenic Training (course available from HSCTI), you will notice a significant deepening of the state of relaxation when you practice in conjunction with using your Welz Chi Generator.

1.7. Self-Programming

The relaxation practice was the first step towards programming yourself. Now you can continue to use other programs. For these practices, you adjust the speed of the pulse (frequency) to an adequate rate. You may use the stick pad of your radionics device or a pendulum to determine this speed. The EPM 2400 comes with a list of pulse speeds for specific purposes. Also note the suggestions with the 6 fixed speed settings (see LPOM). A good frequency is at the point where the blinking is still barely perceived - at the threshold to appearing as a solid light. Furthermore, it is now important to either set your radionics device at a rate that reflects the desired self-programming, or you use a graphic diagram of an archetypal structure that represents the "trend" that you intend to project upon yourself (a filter), or both.

Use filters and/or settings for: Creativity, Charisma, Convincing Speech, Leadership, People-Skills, Power to Analyze, Scientific Thinking, etc.

If you have a PBT 2000 and EPG 1100, slide the Power Booster over the output pipe and carry the transfer disk on yourself. Limit the time to two or three hours at the beginning. All other devices come with their transfer disks.

You can enhance significantly the effect of your self-programming with the practice of Autogenic Training.

1.8. Energy Transfer with the Radionics Device

The radionics device is an ideal tool for transfer. Perform the following experiment:
(1) Take a photo (Polaroid is OK.) of the interior of a room.
(2) Choose a place somewhere in the room (maybe on top of the table).
(3) Mark a cross on the photo at that place where you want to project the energy.
(4) Put the photo onto the well of the radionics device
(5) Focusing on the place of transfer, get a rate for that place.
(6) Turn on the power generator.
(7) Go to the place and check for the energy.
You may do the same experiment with a location that is thousands of miles away! The obvious advantage of the radionics device is that you can reach with it anywhere.

1.9. Intermediate Self-Programming

(with the Help of Autogenic Training, if mastered)
Set the Chi generator or orgone radionics device up with the setting of the trend that you intend to project upon yourself, with the appropriate radionic setting, a filter, or both. Carry the transfer disk on you. Then you relax yourself with the help of Autogenic Training and use a formulaized resolution, reflecting the desired trend, such as creativity. The setting of the EPG pulse is at a very low level. Practice for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are not familiar with Autogenic Training, simply relax fully, with the trend energy directed at yourself.

After getting out of the state of relaxation or Autogenic Training, leaving the setting of the RAD and/or the same filters in front of the EPG, you set the pulse at a higher frequency. Keep carrying the transfer disk on you. Project the chi energy to yourself for two to three hours.

I strongly suggest mastery of Autogenic Training to enhance the success of your practice with the orgone radionics devices

1.10. Project Chi at Another Person, Hand or Forehead

For this experiment, you need someone else who is willing to work with you. If you do not find a suitable partner, do the same projections upon yourself. Get a picture of that person (or yourself) and make at least two color photocopies of it. A black-white photocopy will do, if it is too much trouble to get a color copy. Take one of the copies and mark the forehead of the person. Put the picture onto the well of your radionics device and set the rate to connect with the forehead of the person. The person should feel the energy. As an alternative, you may do the same thing with a picture of yourself.

Next, take another picture of the same person. Do not mark anything, but focus on the center of the palm (or any other part of that person's body) and set your radionics device at the rate for that part while you are focusing. Check if the person feels the impact of chi energy. Again, do the same projection toward yourself.

Next, simply write the name of that person on a piece of paper and the part of the body to which you intend to project chi energy. Proceed the same way: set the rate for the desired target area.

1.11. Relax Another Person

The next practice is similar to practice #1.6. However, in this case you relax the other person at a distance. Put a picture of that person into the well of the chi generator or orgone radionics device and set the rate to connect with that person. Turn on your Chi generator. Ask that person for feedback. Under no circumstances should you carry a transfer disk, since this could direct the energy towards yourself. Set the EPG at its lowest frequency. Perform the same experiment on yourself.

1.12. Activate Another Person

Relaxation itself energizes, of course, especially when it is combined with a flow of life energy into your body. The idea with this practice is as follows: pulse the chi energy at a brain wave frequency that has been connected with alertness and logical thinking (such as 14.1 Hz). The result will be an activation of these functions of the plain waking state and better performance. Of course, you can do the same work on yourself. Set the frequency at a point where the control light seems almost "solid" and the blinking is a mere fast flickering. You may, of course, use the radionics stick pad to determine the exact frequency for that purpose. Establish that frequency the same way you establish a rate for the radionics device itself: while turning the knob of the pulse generator you rub the stick pad. Keep the setting where you experience the "stick."

Keep activation for two to three hours at a time.

1.13. Intuition, Intelligence, Creativity

(1) Using the appropriate filter set radionics rate of the radionics device.
(2) Using the stick pad, set the pulse speed (frequency) of the EPG 1100 or set the desired frequencies when you work with other devices.
(3) Get into a lying position.
(4) Put the transfer disk or transfer diagram in your pocket or lay it on your chest.
(5) Enter the state of Autogenic Training.
(6) Visualize or imagine yourself with the envisioned skills.
(7) After 10 to 15 minutes get up and put the transfer disk into your pocket and go about your business, ideally being involved in activities that require the skills of your programming.
(8) Keep the energy active and transferring to you for at least three hours.

1.14. Tuning into People at a Distance Using Structural Linkage (ESP)

To this point you have become familiar with the principle of structural linkage with the medium of life energy and you have followed practices that make use of the transfer of life energy at any distance with the help of near-identical and equivalent structures. This principle, namely that distance is a result of structural differences as far as transfer of life energy is concerned, leads naturally to an understanding of some phenomena that have been largely unexplainable to this point. Gaining a linkage to any point with help of the medium of life energy, we can perform that which some researchers call "extrasensory perception" or "extrasensory projection," in brief, ESP. The fact that the distance played hardly any significant role in experiments with ESP has puzzled many researchers of the past. We know that this phenomenon is the result of structural linkage, in which distance in "space" indeed is irrelevant.

The practice that follows makes use of this principle in a big way. To this point you have established structural linkage with the help of radionics device, photos, etc. Now you are using your brain to establish a structural link with a distant object or person. With its visualization and imagining power, the brain is in fact an ideal tool to establish structural links. Its disadvantage is that these visualization images are fleeting. In other words, you cannot hold them for any extended period of time as you can do with structural links of the kind that you have used up to now. However, if you use special techniques to stay for a few minutes with a specific image in order to explore that to which the image connects, you can gain valuable information about that target.

We have demonstrated that distance is a result of structural differences. Therefore, if, with the help of imagination/visualization, your brain establishes such a structural link to a target, you are right there. The skill is to adapt your sensory apparatus to the impressions that you get from your target to fit your perceptions. In other words, you need to train yourself to translate impressions that are transmitted through the medium of life energy (chi) into visual images, sounds, feelings, hunches, etc., for this linkage to become a valid tool of ESP. The equipment from HSCTI can help you achieve this goal.

(1) Select a target
(2) Set a rate for ESP enhancement on your radionics device, perhaps put the appropriate filter into the well. With the second tuner, select your target.
(3) Set the frequency of your generator at a low level
(4) With a headband, attach a structural link such as a transfer disk to the back of your head.
(5) Turn on the power.
(6) Mentally focus on the target and wait for impressions, thoughts, pictures, etc., to emerge.
(7) Time: About 15 to 20 minutes. Not more! Above all, don't expect immediate results unless you have had previous training.

1.15. Meditation Practices

To many of us, meditation had always a purpose: namely to enhance my mental capabilities. If your meditation has a religious goal, use the practices described in 3.2. for that purpose. Set the rates of the radionic devices accordingly and focus on that goal.

2. Advanced uses of your Orgone Radionics Device.

2.1. Structural Links and Energy Transfer

You have found out earlier that life force transfers at any distance. In fact, you have (hopefully) performed the exercises. What's important for this transfer that you have an adequate structural link and sufficient life force.

In the following chapters you will learn more about several types of structural links. You know of structural links that are identical (actually near-identical), for instance the hair and fingernails that contain the genetic code.

You have also read about mental structural links. One of the things to do in order to get acquainted with your device was to build up a high power connection with it. The reason being that, the more comfortable you feel with your device, the more powerful the results will be.

Now we are giving you a list of many types of structural links that you can use for your work.

a) Identical Structural Links

We mentioned these in our example with the Voodoo priest: hair, fingernails, etc. Other identical structural links are clothing or signatures (again it's the genetic code of skin rubbings etc. that you find there), saliva, blood, etc.

Identical structural links are mostly used when a connection with a target is established. A photo is not exactly identical, but it's a good "map" similar to the Voodoo doll.

b) Equivalent Structural Links

Besides identical structural links you can use many different types of equivalent structural links. We mentioned previously the mental connection that you establish with concentration upon the target and upon the envisioned trend. Here we have nothing tangible per se, but we have to do with abstractions, or maps. Such things may have a symbolic connection with the trend or target. Such a connection is established with the mind of the operator. This is so, because a map is meaningless per se. It has only meaning when "in interaction" with someone who is capable of using it.

Going back the in-famous Voodoo doll: While the genetic code of the target person establishes a link with that person (because it is unique to every person!), the Voodoo doll is used to set the trend. It represents the body of the target person, or better, it is used as a map of it. Without the priest, the doll would not have any effect. For it to be useful, the practitioner has to KNOW what it means. A focus on the envisioned action relating to the map (the doll) while determining that this doll is a representative (= "symbol") of the body of a target person is sufficient. The fact that tens thousands of Voodoo priests have been using this method for centuries gives it additional validity ("power").

Experimentally we have proven two important things concerning such equivalent structural links:
(1) If you focus on a place (for instance in your apartment) where you want to send life force and you make a scribble at the same time KNOWING that this scribble represents the target, this scribble becomes a valid target link!
(2) The same holds when you arbitrarily set a radionics device while focusing on a target, or trend. The radionics device is a perfect map, and a very abstract one at that! The simultaneity of focus and setting makes the arbitrary rate a perfect rate!

Here, then, we have the basic common functioning principle of any set of equivalent structural links, including the famous "simila similibus". Simila similibus means that you can treat similar things with similar things, i.e., in folkloristic healing it is believed that an herb that looks like a certain organ can cure an ailment of that organ. This is the basis of "sympathetic medicine" and "sympathetic magic".

The common functioning principle of equivalent structural links is that such links are established by the mind of an operator when she or he focuses on a target, or action, while establishing its "map" or its "symbol" for the purpose of action at a distance. The more persons work with the same symbol for the same purpose, the more life force is attached to it and the more reliable this structural link is.

I have the suspicion that in the case of astrology millions of people became victim of the establishing of such a structural map. In other words, it may not be the power of the planets per se that makes it a great tool to make valid statements about peoples' lives and to predict their future trends, but the power of the meanings attached to these planets and their interrelations, positions in "signs" and mutual aspects, as observed from the Earth (geocentrically) throughout the history of that science.

I suggest that you repeat practice 1.8. on page 31 and set the radionics rate arbitrarily. No stick pad! Then you check for transfer!

Throughout history a huge number of such esoteric maps of structural links, of any type and description, has been generated and, of course, proven to be valid. These links have been mainly established for trends, or desired action. Ultimately a "spirit, planetary genius, deity, ..." that is supposed to do something for you is nothing but a trend energy that is perceived animistically as a living entity. This perception is the result of such an energy having its own "mind" or cybernetics that allow it to go many potential paths to achieve a specific goal: a useful flexibility (expected and/or arranged by the minds of operators) when it comes to achieving success with the help of such "spirits". On the other hand, such thinking has certainly proven to be a trap that can lead to serious misconceptions when it comes to attempts to understand and explain the processes involved in many "spiritual" or "esoteric" practices. I suggest here that it's now up to the reader to analyze the many esoteric traditions he or she knows of! We continue here with specific sets of structural links that are representing trends.

The spoken or written word (prayer, psalm, mantra, Rune chant, etc.)

Prayers, psalms, mantras, etc., have in common that specific effects are ascribed to them. For instance, the Lord 's Prayer and Ave Maria connect with specific ideas, or energies, such as love, empathy, hope, forgiveness, and power of faith. Spoken or written words such as prayers can also connect with specific egregors. An egregor is a confluence of energies (structural connections) that have been generated by many individually whose attention is focused on the same specific idea. An example is the egregor of St. Mary, which is a collective egregor of practically all who are believing in it and worship it. If you think of the spontaneous and "miraculous" healing that happens over and over again in places like Lourdes (connected with St. Mary), you can realize how effective such egregors can be when sufficient people focus on such a location.

Archetypal symbols and seals

Like words, symbols can also establish structural links. Again, you find many symbols in old (and not so old) grimoires that have the characteristic of connecting to egregors, especially when many people have been using these symbols or the grimoire as a whole. The Yin Yang symbol, for instance, is often used as a balancing tool, while the pentagram connects with vitalizing, activating and constructive energies. The filter cards that you can find on our list of accessories and in the radionics programs have groupings of archetypal symbols that connect with the trend the description of which you find on the card.

Things around us

Shamans and hermeticists ancient times received from their teachers secrets of "magical" properties of many things and their specific purpose. Among others you find here herbs, barks, roots, stones, gems, incense, oils, colors, trees, places, etc. Astrologers have special meanings for planets, signs, houses, etc. Metaphysicists speak of "psychic bridges" which refers to structural links where one object can be substituted by another one. The previously mentioned "sympathetic connections" of "simila similibus" (treat similar things with similar things) belong to this category. The effects ascribed to these objects, herbs, gems, etc., you find in the appropriate literature.

Body Positions, dance movements, Hand positions, etc.

We can establish structural links to specific trends with our body and hands. To gain evidence, relax and fold your hands like in prayer, then put your hands on your knees, then fold them again. Repeat a couple of times and tune into the feelings that you get each time.

You find many of these postures in books about Yoga and Runes.

Our mind, intent and awareness

When we focus on specific trends, or on "spirits, angels" or other entities or egregors, and, perhaps, visualize them (we see them with out inner eye), we establish structural links to them. Our intense focus or intent can establish very strong links, which, however, are not very steady due to the characteristic of our mind to "wander".

In esoteric and hermetic schools, the students are taught to concentrate for an extended period and to control the fleetingness of thoughts, so that a more permanent effect can be achieved with a focus, or concentration.

Technical devices

In this category is, of course, your orgone radionics device. The main characteristic and advantage of such a device is that it is extremely flexible, as flexible as the human mind that operates it. You determine what it maps and, by way of tuning rates (settings), you can establish permanent structural links to anything you desire. The better you "know" your device, the more it can serve you!

Abstractions, alphabets, numeric squares, letter squares

These are very old. In esoteric (or hermetic) astrology planets are ascribed specific numbers: 3 for Saturn, 4 for Jupiter, etc. to each number, or planet, a "magical square" was ascribed whose numbers have the same sum in its rows, columns, and diagonals. The squares from 3 x 3 numbers through 9 x 9 numbers find use in many traditional practices and they are ascribed the effects of the corresponding planets. You find these squares in the data bases of our radionics programs.

A final note: You can design your own symbols and filters that help you establish structural links. It is important that these symbols are unique. The establishing of such a symbol is essentially the same process as setting the rate of a radionics device.

2.2. Energy transfer to humans, animals, plants, etc. with the radionics device.

Now you are going to perform a radionics operation where you will get hands-on experience of how you can project energy to yourself, to others, to animals or plants. This time the target will be you.

a) Select an object that you can use as a target link: hair (with follicle), a sheet of paper with your hand writing on it, a photo, or the like.

b) Select a desired trend/action. Either use a filter card (for instance "charisma" or "optimism" - keep it simple for the beginning!) or write your intent on a piece of paper, perhaps make your own symbol. Selecting a symbol or making your can be helpful, but it is not necessary if you use a radionics device! The radionic setting that you get while focusing will be the symbol that connects with the trend.

c) RAD 2000: Put the target link in front of the output pipe, the trend description onto the well.
RAD 2400 DL: Put both links onto the well
RAD 2400 HD: Put the target link onto the target-well (in front, close to the output pipe, see the description of the device) and the trend-link onto the trend-well (next to the stick pad)

d) Switch on your device

e) Select the pulse frequency that you feel is adequate for your operation. Either use the description of the 6 fixed frequencies (the RAD 2400 series) or use your gut-feeling. Alternatively, you can use the stick pad when selecting: first the 6 fixed frequencies, then, when none of them checks out, the continuous setting with the right knob. While using the stick pad think of getting the frequency that's optimal for your work and simultaneously turn the knobs, first the rotary switch with the fixed frequencies and then the right knob.

f) In the same way you establish the settings of the radionic tuners. If you have the RAD 2000, you set the 3 dials to the desired trend-target connection, while on the RAD 2400 series you establish first the rate (settings) for the target (the tree dials close to the panel with the output pipe), then for the trend (the tree dials in the middle, see the section describing the devices). I suggest that you rub the finger that you used on your clothing each time after you get a "stick" so that it slides well again.

Ready to go!

Now your device supplies you and the desired trend energy continuously with life force. This establishes a permanent connection between you and this trend, no matter where you are while the machine is turned on. If you use the transfer disk you need not a target-link or establish rates for the target. Leave the dials of the tuner for the target on zero - turned all the way to the left.

Keep the device on for one to two hours a day, more if you use a middle-of-the line device (the RAD 2400 DL or the RAD 2000).

About the stick pad and dials of the orgone-radionics device:

We have shown previously that the dials of the radionics device have the function of being a universal structural link. If you combine the dials with the near-identical and/or symbolic representations of the target- and trend-links, you can achieve very precise equivalent structural links. This precision improves the connection between, trend and target significantly.

Compare a less precise structural link with the "light cone" of a flash light. This cone gets larger the more distant it is from the object that you want to see. It gets weaker in proportion to the square of the distance. After just a few feet it becomes increasingly difficult to see. Compare the precise structural link that you establish with the help of your stick pad and dials to a laser beam that hits the target even hundreds of yards away. Got it?

Multiple Projects?

When you intend to work on several different situations simultaneously you can change from one to the other. Turn the device that connects with the present situation off. Turn all dials to zero and remove all objects from the device. I suggest that you make notes of the settings before removing everything and setting the dials to zero, so that you can re-use the same settings without the need to re-set the device with the help of the stick pad.

Then you put the structural links for the new project onto the well(s) and go through points (a) through (f) above. Do as many projects as you like. When returning to a prior operation you can re-use the radionics settings that you established before or establish new rates. I prefer the latter, since every time when the device is set up the circumstances changed a bit from the previous situation.

Be sure that no mutual interferences arise from multiple projects that are set up for one and the same target person.

2.3. Success Management, Advanced Trend Management

Success here means the achieving of goals that have been targeted.

We have mentioned before what's decisive for success of any action at a distance in general and radionic operation in particular.

a) Sufficient life force to energize the operation
b) A precise structural link to the target
c) A precise structural link to the target

In addition to that you have to consider other factors such as do-ability of the project, availability of the desired success, and interferences from the environment and from within. Therefore you have to analyze the situation before embarking on more complicated radionic operations. Start with the target of the operation: your or the person for whom you are setting it up.

What is intended?

Get a very clear idea of what you intend to do and be aware of potential consequences of the trend energies when activated and the resulting situation once the goal is achieved. Remember "the wizard's apprentice" where the broom is transformed into a water-carrier ... !

This means no more and no less that, when working with high power equipment you need to be aware of the potential consequences of your action. Before you intend to get a specific person inclined to be your lover, make a little background check. It could well be that your subconscious actually protected you from such a relationship for a reason. An old saying: "when doing the magick, you likely get what you want ..." - you may just end up as an abused wife/lover or hen-pecked husband! Then you have to do the next operation to straighten out that situation (if still possible), and so on.

Now let's go to applied trend management. Let's assume that you want to heighten your professional chances, perhaps a promotion, better working conditions or simply more pay. How can you use radionics to achieve these goals?

Proceed as follows:

a) Analyze the situation. Weigh the pros and cons carefully!

b) Write down in precise terms what you intend to achieve, for instance persuasion skills on the workplace combined with recognition of your merits. Be sure that it is do-able! Wanting significantly more pay but lacking any incentive to change bad working habits into delivering high quality work in return is unlikely to bring the expected result, unless you are putting a love tend on the boss simultaneously.

c) Select the appropriate filters from a card pack, radionics program, or made by yourself. Add your specific wishes and modifications to it.

d) Put these filters onto the well.

e) Go through steps a) through f) in the previous chapter.

f) There are two methods that you can apply now:
(1) the radionics approach: Keep the device active till you are successful
(2) the "ceremonial" approach: view the operation as a ceremonial. You perform it, generate the energy field that continues to be active in your cause, then turn the device off and allow the energy field to continue work- ing on it. Repeat this action day by day, about one hour each time, till the result is achieved.

How long will it take to be successful?

If you have read the info given in this manual, you know what's the basis for your success:

1. Sufficient life force (from your device)
2. Precise structural links to trend and target, and
3. A strong mental connection to your device and to your intent.

This means that your attitude towards the operation that you are performing is crucial for your success. Doubts concerning the success of your operation and lack of trust in your capabilities is detrimental to the success of your work. If, on the other hand, you have a positive attitude and you are convinced that the envisioned result will manifest sooner or later, then you increase the chances of success significantly!

In case you notice doubts or negative attitude, you can counteract it with autogenic training, positive thinking and affirmations that you can also support with the orgone radionics device.

However, normally you get the results within a period of time that is commensurable with the situation that you intend to change.

We are confident that you will have abundant success!


3. Examples of success strategies and effective trend management (For advanced users who want to reach the top!)

When beginning to use the combination of Welz Chi Generators and radionics devices, or orgone radionics devices, naturally most persons are very successful with it. This is so, because it works for most things that they envisioned originally without prior training. Very often the reason for this is that it gives the little extra push in situations that have long been evolving, that were ready to manifest, but where a minor adjustment that may have been overlooked, perhaps more intensity (emotional energy, life force), was still necessary to succeed.

Sometimes however, there are instances when the best efforts seem to fail. This usually happens later, but a few operators of the devices have experienced this challenge right at the beginning. When such things happen, the main reasons for such failure are:

1. Misjudgment of availability
2. Misjudgment of the situation
3. Misjudgment of personal capability
4. Misjudgment of personal attitudes and unawareness of personal interferences, idealism, etc
5. Misjudgment of subconscious blockages and subconscious interferences
6. Misjudgment or unawareness of interferences from the people-environment and outside interferences
7. Misjudgment of the "climatic background of trends" and cultural environment at the time of the operation

In this manual, we will deal first with the various reasons for delays or even failures in general and give you an idea of how to develop a success strategy from a thorough analysis of the challenges that you face. Later we will continue to work on specific areas where failure may occur and replace them with appropriate success strategies. This will help you to work with specific examples. Based on this experience you will then be able to develop the most effective methods to achieve success.

Finally, we transform, in general terms, these challenges to a "wheel of success" where you find the preconditions that you need to establish when going for supreme success in any field!

3.1. The pitfalls in more detail: Examples

Here we are dealing point by point with the roots of the difficulty, i.e., the various misjudgments of important facets of any failed operation.

3.1.1. Misjudgment of availability


a) Attempts to get the one and only one big win in a lottery. For instance, if there is only one grand prize in a lottery, only one person will get it, no matter how many people are using equipment to get that big one. Very famous are of course the massive interferences when someone attempts to beat incredible odds to get some lottery missions! Even if you can use the equipment to up your odds ten fold, you would need to wait a statistical average of 100,000 drawings instead of 1 million drawings to get a "big one". So it will work, provided you give it enough time and a substantial investment of money. Of course, statistical averages are statistical averages. You may hit it as well tomorrow with a single ticket! Some of the gods to whom "wannabee" winners pray must be quite annoyed, considering that of a million or so prayers to them for the "big one" all are doomed to fail, with the exception of one, provided, of course, that a person who prayed gets that big one and not one who has an orgone radionics device!

b) Attempts to get a specific famous person as a lover. This situation is similar to the one as above (availability of the big win), especially if the would-be lover has nothing to offer in return (as is usually the case). I knew one person who wanted Ted Turner and stressed that she had great ideas of how he could be even more successful in business. Naturally, she overlooked the "little detail" that she could not afford more than living in a dump! A season ticket for a seat close to her "target" in the baseball arena did as little as the many spells she performed.

c) Attempts to strike it rich in a business venture that promises wealth to its marks, but that's in the main established and structured to bring money to the corporation that sells these "opportunities". Typically, MLM (multi level marketing) scams fall into this category.

3.1.2. Misjudgment of the situation


a) Attempts to draw a partner who loves city life, wanting that she/he exchanges that for primitive conditions in the country with nothing in return.

b) Attempts to draw a specific partner for sex only if that person has extreme reservations against that, possibly also subconscious fears, etc

3.1.3. Misjudgment of personal capability


a) Attempts to "get money fast" when absolutely no skill can back up that wish

b) Attempts to be immediately successful in a profession of which the operator has little or no experience at all. If you want to be successful a doctor, you need to have learned the skill and received your licenses previously - or (hopefully not) be skilled in faking it.

c) Attempts to draw a partner for sex when the operator him/herself is incapable to that - for whatever reason

d) Attempts to get a top of the line lover when looking like a dog, lacking personal hygiene, lacking manners and lacking other items that such a partner would like to see

e) Attempts to make a big showing in music without the skills to play an instrument, without charisma and without capability to deal with producers once the window of opportunity is open

3.1.4. Misjudgment of personal attitudes and unawareness of personal interferences


a) When trying for wealth, the attitude that it is undeserved.

b) When trying for love, the attitude that it is bad or obsession.

c) When trying to hold a lover, to be unreasonably jealous and demanding.

d) When trying to get a lover back, obsession that obscures everything else. Think of someone who is obsessed with a specific women (a weakness that is radiated out, most of the time), is timid (another weakness), lacks personal hygiene, is outright filthy, etc. Imagine that this person hopes that setting a device will cause that lady (who, like most sane persons, neither wants weak partners, nor timid ones, nor stinking ones that obviously don't care about their appearances) to knock at the door the same midnight, asking him to go to bed with her. Well, that will not work and the energy radiated out may even have an opposite effect, since it likely causes the woman think of that filthy pig and be annoyed.

3.1.5. Misjudgment of subconscious blockages and subconscious interferences

a) Subconscious fears and ideas that were instilled during the course of education or that resulted from traumatic experiences.
b) The fear of sex and healthy relationships that resulted from severe abuses in childhood

3.1.6. Misjudgment or unawareness of interferences from the environment
Examples: peer pressure, religion, hostility of people who should help

3.1.7. Misjudgment of the "climatic background of trends" at the time of the operation
Examples: This is similar to the above, but concerns more trends that are going on in society at the time of operation. Trying to sell stocks at a high price at times when the stock marked is bearish may not work. Trying to sell propane gas for heating in summer at winter prices will also be difficult to do. Attempts to strike it rich quick in a profession for which there is no demand in society: Ever played with the idea of selling coaches with horses in the center of New York?

Often the problems are less obvious, especially when the operator has to deal with challenges that concern wishes that seem more available, more legit. Sometimes such operators begin to work on desires and wishes for things that they do not really want. A thorough analysis of one's own desires is necessary in such a situation. The equipment certainly can help finding out subconscious blockages, legitimate and irrational ones. As far as irrational blockages are concerned, they can be re-directed and actually be useful in other activities where their impact matters while "staying away" from the activities in which you want to be successful.

In "old language" (coming from times when nothing whatsoever was known to humans about the subconscious and its function), such irrational, often self destructive, actions have been seen differently. People thought of them as coming from the "mysterious wisdom, will and ways" of a deity. In such a case religious conditioning of the "I don't deserve" type plays a big part. They may also attribute failures to the continuous foul play of "entities, demons, ancestors" or the like that may act outside the individual or act as "attachments" from within. The practice to deal with these situations consisted of getting rid of the entities. The tasks of such entities were often re-assigned. Another practice to replace them with stronger entities that are more sympathetic to the wishes of the person in question.

You can use the equipment regardless what type mapping you prefer. Sometimes animistic thinking of personified entities is more useful, at others the mapping of subconscious parts of the personality, and at others the mapping that deals with trends as energy fields that in many cases have a characteristic of personification. In any one of these approaches, when re-assigning tasks, analysis of mechanisms of failure and the setting up of specific success strategies can be a decisive help in achieving your goals. Again, your equipment helps not only in these tasks, but also in assuring permanence of the results. In any one of these approaches (animistic mappings of "entities", the more recent mapping of a "subconscious", or a more dynamic mapping that involves fields of "trend energy" that surround you, or a combination of all), the effects will be the same if you develop a good success strategy for the result that you wish to manifest.


3.3. The fat-buster: success strategies in weight control, or: how to get the physique that you have always wanted!

Weight control is a typical example of negative outcome where there is a clash between will and imagination/expectation. In fact, huge industries are thriving around that rather sad situation by shamelessly exploiting it.

Fat is part of us. It is storage of energy reserves that will be used in times of inadequate food supply. As a temporary measure this seems fine and natural, yet gross overweight has long been proven to be a considerable health risk.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you simply use up your reserves, no less and no more is required!

Seems simple, and yet, most people have serious problems of getting rid of their excess pounds.

It is possible that humans do not have much of a genetic protection against over-eating, and most certainly do most of them not act that way. That, at least, is what some people contend. Perhaps that's correct and not a lead-in publicity stunt to ready the general population for some esoteric methods of genetically engineered "treatment".

Perhaps we should look at another facet of the problem. First of all, there are enough people out there who "manage" to maintain a fairly normal body weight even in times of plenty. Secondly, countries where there is ample food advertising show an excessive tendency towards gross overweight of huge parts of their populations, while in countries with plenty of food supply, but much less food advertising, such a problem does not exist. This is a situation that does not necessarily support the assumption (or cop-out) of the "genetic scapegoat".

In the US some 75% of TV advertising is geared towards food, almost always the rather unhealthy and fattening fast food garbage. Even in soap operas the "heroes" with whom the viewers so happily identify are eating quite a bit. If it did not work, the food industry would not go to the massive expense of working on expectation and imagery of the audiences. As a consequence of it working well, people eat more, get fatter, and feed the coffers of a ruthless industry of death and disease.

Counteracting the impact of food commercials should be the first and foremost strategy to help an overweight person. Having seen and read thousands of commercials coming from the slim-down industry, I have not noticed a single one that would describe the impact of food advertising. Strong vested interests (besides simple ignorance of the facts) may cause the slimming-industry's advertisers and executives from addressing that problem. It is certainly more profitable to thrive on guilt-feelings of the fat and not so fat people addressed by the commercials than working towards removing the root causes of gross obesity. Such action, in fact, would reduce the customer-base and market share, of course! People may then also become aware that it's not some esoteric fat-burning formulas, fast slimming fake-foods that are loaded with chemical junk, self-assertions, costly diets, surgery, 10-minutes a day exercise machines, etc. that lead to lasting success. Quite to the contrary, simply using-up the stored energy (speak: fat), either by being more active or by supplying the body with less energy reserves (speak: food), or both, appears to be the most effective method! The only recommendation during such times would be that the person takes sufficient vitamins and minerals, so that there is no lack of essential substances that are needed for the proper functioning of the body.

Let's sum it up:

Potential problems:
1. Clash of expectation/imagination with will power.
2. The expectation of being powerless, mostly promoted by the food industry, but also as a "hidden expectation" in the slim-fast-down industry, will prevail over the will of the individual to lose fat. Have you ever noticed that absurdly fat person sipping on a shake of slim-quick junk first, then gorging him or herself on half a gallon of ice cream and three MacDoodoo Burgers?
3. Paying customers remain paying customers for both branches of industry, provided that they remain fat!

Potential solutions:
1. Reduce impact of advertising from both industries. The best method is to develop inner strategies and mechanisms that create exactly the opposite of what the designers of the commercials intend to do. If possible, boycott all their products. This is definitely not intended as a message for "them", but a working tool for you to trigger a change of attitude in your mind.
2. Develop a set of expectations and inner imagery that favors weight control.
3. Finally, develop strategies to use up the energy reserve of the body, i.e., the layers of fat. This should only be done after points 1 and 2 have been activated and completed successfully, otherwise this may be too difficult a task, perhaps even useless!
4. These success strategies can be set in motion very effectively when set up as trends with your orgone radionics equipment.

A Few Potential Mistakes:
1. Putting "I want to lose weight" in the machine, implying just that, that you WANT to lose weight.
2. Working with methods that do not address the basic problem of inner attitudes, expectation and self-image.
3. Lack of effective strategies against the impact of food advertising.
4. Guilt-feelings about overweight, using sheer will power alone.
5. ... (and many more)

Suggested procedure:
1. Work on food advertising: There is an appropriate filter available.
2. Develop a concentrated intent to have the perfect weight. Work on the attitude and the confidence that you can do it!
3. Enjoy food! Enjoy it every time you eat it, enjoy every bite, but enjoy it only in quantities that fit the plan and at pre-determined times. It may also be useful not to enjoy it at other times while you are on the plan.
4. Adjust the plan to what your body can handle with ease. For some people just one pound a week is optimal, others can handle a lot more. Put an inner-eco-check into your setup. Perhaps consult with a physician or health professional as to what goal you should set.
5. Set up a follow-up plan that corrects the habits for good and does not allow relapses.

3.4. Business Success, Wealth, Leadership, People Skills, and Political Success.

A good psychic friend of mine once stated the following: Basically, there are two reasons for which people come for advice to psychics: the two "aids", namely getting laid and getting paid!

Sometimes, then, the customer comes home from a psychic or from a $800.00 weekend seminar, enriched with deepest knowledge of past lives and past transgressions and karmic guilt accumulated therein. He or she knows now, or thinks to know, about soul mates, past and present, of curses from lodges with which they were involved in a past life, perhaps even of curses put onto their mother that by some quirk of destiny attached themselves to the offspring. At times long dead unknown ancestors are blamed for misfortune in life, who are trying to take him over. From other sources comes the deepest knowledge of (freely invented) "secret history of humankind" and bad karma collected during those olden times, and a host of other illuminations. This may distract from the basic problem for a while, even have people work (for the religious outfit, of course!) to atone for past life transgressions that likely never existed, but usually it does not solve it!

Other good moneymakers, although usually not for the attendants, but solely for the organizers, are motivational weekend seminars where the attendants are taught to awaken the giant within and the like. Teachers are all too often hailing their own greatness and tell that they have made it by exactly following that which they teach. Fact is, if someone does not have the skills to play tennis, she needs to acquire them. Standing in front of a mirror repeating "I am a great tennis player" over and over again and hoping to get to the top this way is as silly as standing in front of the mirror, seeing oneself writing big checks, living in million dollar homes and driving around in sports cars that are loaded with several lovers.

All this reminds me very much of the situation that I described with fat burning and a fitness industry that in some way is part of the problem rather than part of the solution! Blaming a have-not person for being in a bad financial situation usually is a distraction that does not deal with the real problem. The same can be said about the many "esoteric" reasons with which such an individual is confronted. The "esoteric clergy" proffering such reasons is not much better than the clergy of established religion who shove "God's will" down the throat of their sheep who in turn willingly and happily fatten the clerical treasuries with tithes.

For the person who is serious about success it is time to get the facts straight: Poverty is in the main a socio-economic problem. In fact, it's even more so than gross overweight! If you want riches, eliminate the impact of socio-economic conditioning and acquire the skills to handle wealth at the same time! No, I am not talking about changing the system. If the system was fair to all, there would not be excessive wealth at all. If you want excessive wealth, be aware of the functions of the socio-economic system in which you live (and which in fact does allow individuals to have that unfair edge of excessive wealth) and use these functions to get where you want to be! In other words: this is a system that certainly can work in your favor, if you learn to use it! Feeling guilty about that? Then you are still stuck inside and victimized by the "equality-trap" that helps so nicely the folks who are "more equal" than you and who thoroughly love that additional "equality"! Let's face it: Inequality is part of the human species, no matter what idealists or equality-mongers (that are backed by vested interests) are trying to teach you - and so are the resulting socio-economic structures in which we live! You can either live up to this fact and use the existing situation and your innate human characteristics to get ahead, or you can decide to remain the runt of the pack for the rest of your life. The choice is yours, of course! Fact is, you have the equipment that can help you getting that "unfair" (a word used by people whose intent is to keep you in your subordinate place) advantage when you set your course to reach your maximum potential of wealth, power, and/or political influence. Use it! At the same time, be aware that a human being does not end with the surface of the skin. As human beings, we are "us and our environment"! When we poison our environment with arrogance, bad action, abuse of power, etc, we ultimately poison ourselves! The runts of the pack are part of your environments, necessary contributors to your success! Respect them, especially when you reach the top! That makes the difference between a good leader and a bad leader!

Before can deal with such questions, you need to get there. For that you need to de-program yourself and learn the skills that you need to get to the top. Once such skills are in place, you can open opportunities for yourself, then learn additional skills, etc, step by step all the way to the top. Naturally, the development of successful strategies for business success, wealth, and political power is more complex than was developing a strategy for weight control. Use your orgone radionics setup to maximize this task, then use the device to open opportunity and to help you get to the top.

Below you find a list of points to consider. Use what you consider as appropriate for your situation.

Situation analysis for wealth, power, leadership, people skills
Get facts straight about society and socio-economic environment!
Get the facts straight and study human characteristics! We are a predator society of leaders and runts
Get the facts straight about education. Have you ever noticed during your education that school kids from influential parents get away with things that others never would get away with? Don't mope about it, learn from it!
Schools fit people into roles of leaders and runts. Therefore, the education of "social skills" is more important than the teaching of other skills!
The structure of the leadership of super-tribes (nations) is similar to the structure of tribes.
Niches for dominant people who do not make it politically: Leadership in business, in organizations, control of wealth, professional leadership, etc
Getting things done vs. "being nice"

Your situation: taking stock and setting goals
Set long-term goals
Set short-term goals
Establish what skills you need for these goals, what skills are demanded; what changes of attitudes you need to be successful. Follow through with action and boost it with radionics.
Consider alternatives with similar basic demands, if availability of your goal is low.
"Tremendous financial success from an unexpected source ..." the use of wild cards, advantages and disadvantages
Set yourself up that you enjoy that which you are doing.

Potential Basic problems and mistakes
The runt mentality, a result of the educational process: in school, people "learn their place" in a hidden curriculum! Check out how it afflicted you and avoid the pitfalls
The impact of religion: "you have to work hard to earn your daily bread" (have you ever met a priest or preacher doing just that????)
Lack of knowledge of communications
Assuming "giftedness" rather than skills - and giving up

Using strong points of your situation
Set yourself up to get the right strategy at all times
Set yourself up to get viable opportunities.
Be ready for a big change
Make sure that the changes will be somewhat profitable as well
Figure out the time to acquire skills

Going step by step - a plan for yourself
Learn communicative skills, Boost learning of communicative skills
Learn to read people
Learn to read the body language of others
Learn to influence people
Acquire power mimicry
Develop opportunities where you can use and refine such skills progressively:
Determine the direction that you take: get ahead first using the skills that you have while acquiring new skills, then the next step with the acquired skills, and so on. Acquire skills and earn while learning, if possible
Boost charisma and other skills
Use equipment to boost your position of power in specific situations
Get increasingly into the procedures of the chosen business, become proficient in methods of marketing, manufacturing, or running the business.
Boost your skills to analyze several situations and select the best ones for your success.

Potential Mistakes
"I am powerful" in front of the mirror
Ignoring the skill factor, hoping that there is "magick" that puts you into a wealth-and power position without you needing to learn anything of contribute anything to this process.

For these advanced situations the radionics program is a significant help! We also suggest that you work at least with one heavy duty device!

Further success strategies are in preparation, plus more detailed strategies concerning business, money, and power.


3.5. The Ladder of Success

1. Analyze the situation, then, based on that, develop the strategy.
2. Work on your attitude - set attitude work as a continuous function
3. Develop your skills - set skill orientation and skill development as a continuous function
4. Eliminate outside interferences, set "wild card"
5. Prepare the general environment. Protect against repercussion.
6. Prepare the specific environment (people involved)
7. Set to least effort for maximum result.
8. Set trends to hold result(s), once achieved
9. Go for the result (the actual trend energy) - If a far reaching result is a goal, set wild card for the next step and for the most effective method to go through points 1 through 9 again!

Work on each of these points with a separate setup. You can run many of them during the same preparatory time, but do not run them simultaneously!
Set your equipment for analysis at the beginning. This setting will provide you with important insights in the characteristics and intricacies of the situation that you intend to influence in your favor. Do not do anything else during that time of analysis. Continue with the next steps of your ladder of success when you are certain that you understand the subject matter and that are ready to flesh-out these steps of success with the appropriate trends, or action. Go these steps one by one at first. Then you can work on points 2 through 6 during the same time of preparation, but never simultaneously! Give each of the points there one or two hours daily of energy work with the orgone radionics setup. Follow up with action on your part such as learning the necessary skills.
When you think that you have prepared yourself sufficiently, make another analysis based on the new situations. If this analysis checks out well, go step by step from 4 through 9.

3.6. Business Consulting, Success Consulting

You may contact professionals that are affiliated with HSCTI who can assist you in very complex situations.
The service can be a one-time consultation for a very specific situation or it can be a long-term service, for instance in a business.
This consulting service generally involves analysis and proposals of very specific complex situations. Our consultants calculate their fees based on the time involved in their service for you.
When contacting us, please tell us of the nature of your request: whether one-time, such as in a complex challenge in a relationship, or long-term, such as consulting a business or politician. We will direct your inquiry to the specialist who is most capable to help you handle your situation.
From time to time, we offer training seminars in success strategies. Please let us know if you want to attend one or more of these seminars.


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