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II. First Steps with your Equipment

1.  Inspection +Material Return Instructions

Upon receiving, inspect your Welz Power Generator, Radionics Device, Exterior Module(s), and other devices.

2. Warranty

Manufacturer replaces, repairs, or exchanges defective devices within one year from date of purchase, provided that the defect is not the result of inappropriate use. This warranty does not cover any AC adapter or other power supply

3. Disclaimer

All items from HSCTI are solely for research purposes. Many scientists state that the concepts of universal life force, chi energy radionics, etc., do not belong to what they assume science should be. Therefore, it is your personal decision whether or not you accept the existence of life force, or chi energy, and in the effectiveness of any practices that use life force. This instruction manual contains descriptions of suggested purposes and uses of these devices that are based on such beliefs. They reflect the personal opinions of practitioners of life force technologies, lay persons as well as professionals, that the manufacturer does not necessarily endorse.

Therefore, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a consequence of such beliefs.

The devices from HSCTI have no therapeutic value at all and should never be used for such purposes. If you are sick and you think that you need healing energies, consult with a physician!

4. Become acquainted with your device

After unpacking the device, removing the transfer disk and checking everything, take your time to get acquainted with it. See the various features in your device as described later. Take the device and look at it from all sides, turn the dials and touch the various parts. This way you get a first feel for your equipment. the more you feel at ease with your device, the more effective your work with it will be.

Each of the devices has an output pipe in front of the device that is between 1 and 2 inches long. This is the place where the Chi energy leaves the device. For instance, if you energize yourself or anything else, place the output pipe in a way that it aims at your body or whatever else you energize.

Another feature of each orgone radionics device is a pulse generator that you can set at specific frequencies. Some frequencies are pre-set, others you can set using the stick pad. You may tune the frequency to specific brain wave frequencies - more about that later, under the description of the devices.

All devices have a well. This is used to connect a trend link with the life energy of the device and to tune the orgone to such a trend energy and/or target. This compares to attaching specific informations to the life force in a similar way as the frequencies of a radio station are made to carry language, music, etc. to your radio. For this type modulation, you may use archetypal "filter" cards, settings of the radionics device, the power radionics program, or all of the above.

Most devices come with a transfer disk, some with two or three. Use these transfer disks to stay connected with your device and draw its energy when you are not close to it, perhaps in another room or thousands of miles away. This transfer disk is specifically tuned to your device. Should you lose it, a new disk has to be installed.

How can I use the Welz Chi Generators and Orgone Radionics devices?

As you have seen in the introduction, the Welz Chi Generators are devices that you can use to charge anything you want with life force. In Part IV you find a step-by-step introduction to the use of the Welz Chi Generators. With the Orgone-Radionics device, you can systematically work on yourself by generating positive trends that eventually can lead to positive permanent change.

If you have read the introduction part well, I am certain that you got very good ideas of how you can use your device. Let's continue now with a description of the devices.

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Home ...
1.  Congratulations!

2.  What is a Chi-Generator?

3.  What is an Orgone Radionics Device?

II. First Steps with Your Equipment
1. Inspection
2. Warranty

3. Disclaimer

4. Become acquainted with your Equipment!

III. The Equipment
A. Chi-Generators
1.  EPG 1100 ET 
2.  LPOG 2400 DL

3  LPOG 2200 HD

B. Orgon-Radionics Devices
1.  RAD 2000

2.  RAD 2400 DL

3.  RAD 2400 HD
4.  RAD 5
5. ATGS 3000  

C. Attachments
1. PBT 2000
2. PBTBH 2000

IV. Operation of the Welz Chi Generators
1. Setting up and testing the frequencies
2. To increase the power of the EPG 1100 ET

V. Step-by-step Introduction
1. First Steps
1.1. Feel the Chi Energy Output
1.2. Feel Differences in Energy Output
1.3. Feel Energy Output at a Distance
1.4. Energize Yourself with a Structural Link
1.5. Energize Distilled Water
1.6. Relax Yourself

1.7. Self-Programming
1.8. Energy Transfer with the Radionics Device

1.9. Intermediate Self-Programming

1.10. Project Chi at another person
1.11. Relax another person
1.12. Activate another person

1.13. Intuition, Intelligence, Creativity

1.14. Tuning into other people at a Distance using Structural Linkage

1.15. Meditation Practices

2. Advanced uses of your Orgone Radionics Device

2.1. Structural Links and Energy Transfer

2.2. Energy Transfer to Humans, animals, Plants, etc., with radionics
2.3. Success Management, Advanced Trend Management

3. Examples of Success Strategies and effective Trend Management

3.1. The pitfalls in more detail: Examples

3.2. Potential Solutions - The Wheel of Success!

3.3. Example of the Fat-Buster - Success in Weight Control and Fitness

3.4. Example of Business Success, Wealth, Leadership, Political Success

3.5. The Ladder of Success

3.6. Business Consulting, Success Consulting

1. The RI 2400 CD  Radionic Program
Radionics Interface Setup
The Program
Image Boxes
Text Boxes
To use the program as an interface
with a RAD 2400 DL or RAD 2400 HDS
Conversely, to use the program as an
electronic stick pad of your 
RAD 2400 or RAD 2400 HDS
The Power Radionics 2k Program

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