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1.  Purpose
2.  Updates
3.  Inspection
4.  Warranty
5.  Disclaimer
Part 1:  Theory
1.  About Chi Generators
1.1.  Life Force and WCG
1.2.  Construction of WCG
1.3.  Purpose of the WCG
1.4.  Theory of Operation
1.4.1.  General Remarks
1.4.2.  Characteristics of Life Force
1.4.3.  Life Force and Hyper Spaces
1.4.4.  Operation of WCG
1.4.5.  Chi at any Distance
2.  Radionics and Orgone Generators
2.1.  It is Magick!
2.1.1.  The Trend-Link 
2.1.2.  The Target-Link
2.1.3.  Life Force 
2.2.  Radionics and Magick
2.2.1.  Structural Links and Life Force
2.2.2.  There’s Magick in Radionics!
2.2.3.  Radionics, Orgone, and Magick
2.3.  How Old Time Practitioners 
Have Been Generating Life Force
2.4.  The Structure of the Radionics Device
Part 2:
The Orgone Radionics Equipment 
and Accessories
1.  The EPG 1100 ET 
Operation of the EPG 1100 ET
1.1.  Setting Up
1.2.  Testing
1.3.  Setting of the Pulse Frequency
1.4.  Targeting
 1.5.  Action at a Distance 
2.  Attachments:  The Power Boosters
2.1.  The Power Booster (PB 2000)
2.2.  The Power Booster with Transfer Disk
2.3.  The Potency Booster PBTBH 2000
3.  The RAD 2000 Orgone Radionics Device
3.1.  General Description
Diagram of the RAD 2000
3.2.  Operation of the RAD 2000
3.2.1.  Setting Up:
3.3.2.  Setting of the Rate:
3.4.3.  Targeting Example: 
Success in Business.
4.  The RAD 2400 DL
Low Pulse Orgone Modules 
and Brain Frequencies
5.  The RAD 2400 HD
6.  The FPG 2400 
7.  The LPOG 2400 DL
8.  The LPOG 2200 HDS
Part 3:  Practical Uses and Hints
1.  To Increase the Power of the EPG
2.  To Improve Energy Transfer
3.  Send Energy to Yourself
5.  Use of the EPG or EPU to Energize Water
Part 4: 
A Step by Step 
Introduction to  NCP
Introductory Note
Neuro-Cybernetic Programming
Using Your Equipment from HSCTI
1.  The Beginning — Self-Help, 
Trust in Yourself!
1.1.  Feel the Energy Output
1.2.  Feel Differences in the Energy Output
1.3.  Feel the Energy Output at a Distance
1.4.  Energize Yourself with Structural Link
1.5.  Energize Distilled Water
1.7.  Self-Programming
2.  Intermediate – Practice of NCP
2.1.  Energy Transfer with the RAD 2000
2.2.  Intermediate Self-Programming
2.3.  Project Chi at Another Person,
2.4.  Relax Another Person
2.5.  Activate Another Person
2.6.  Establish a Business Success 
Program for Yourself
2.7.  Relationships
2.8.  Communications Management
3.  Advanced Methods
3.1.  Intuition, Intelligence, Creativity
3.2.  Tuning into People at a Distance
Using Structural Linkage (ESP)
3.3.  Meditation Practices
3.4.  Active Visualization Practices
The RI 2400 CD 
Radionic Program
Radionics Interface Setup
The Program
Image Boxes
Text Boxes
To use the program as an interface
with a RAD 2400 DL or RAD 2400 HDS
Conversely, to use the program as an
electronic stick pad of your 
RAD 2400 or RAD 2400 HDS


Magick, Orgone, and Radionics
Amateurish Magick, usually by 
blindly following instructions 
of a how-to book, grimoire, 
or magician.  Very weak Life
force during the operation.
Success questionnable.

Compare the existing 
Approaches to Action 
at a Distance:

Using orgone boosted
radionics and magick means
to combine the best of all
technologies and to trans-
cend all conventional prac-
The results are powerful
and long lasting!

Professional Magick:
Magician builds a strong life 
force field that surrounds the 
operation. Strong burst of 
Life force during work helps 

Typical Radionics Setup
without knowledge of the
importance of life force.
Continuous supply of weak
Life force helps success.

Orgone Boosted Magick:
Continuous supply of strong
Life force.

Orgone Boosted Radionics:
Continuous supply of strong
Life force.

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