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1. Congratulations!

With your decision to acquire a Welz Chi Generator from HSCTI you have opened wide the door to a successful future.

The Welz Chi Generators (orgone generators) are an amazing new technology that is a combination of the recent discoveries in hyper space physics with existing knowledge of orgone accumulators. Hyper space is a space that is defined by the laws of transfer of life energy with its specific characteristics and natural laws.

In the following, we are going to introduce you to this new technology systematically. Since the subject matter that you are about to penetrate is likely very new to you, it is important that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the information in this manual. Take your time to study everything thoroughly. Your investment in time will certainly pay off!

First we will introduce you to a theory of this new technology. This way you can gain an understanding of the nature of your device and what you can do with it!

The next things you do are various exercises and practices that will make you familiar with the function of the device so that it will be relatively easy for you to work on more complex situations.

Finally you will be introduced to advanced methods of using your device, methods and possibilities.

Soon you will find out that the amazing potential of this new technology is technology that will appear as natural to you as it is easy to apply - provided, of course, that you are open to innovation.

It is very important that you take your time studying the material in this manual and that you proceed systematically when familiarizing yourself with the device. You have invested a good amount of money in it. If you want to get the fullest benefit from using your device, it is necessary to be thoroughly acquainted with the theory and practice of its operation.

Therefore, you should only work with your device and this manual when you can invest the necessary time in it and work with it in a relaxed manner. Your device generates orgone, or life force! It may be difficult for you to perceive (see, feel) this energy and work with it consciously, if you are distracted by other important or urging situations. If this is the case, we suggest that you postpone work with your device. Above all, practice patiently and with concentration, then it will be easy for you to perceive life force soon and to harness it for any purpose!

One more thing: We have taken great care in this manual to define words that may be new to you whenever they appear first. However, there may be additional words that you may not know or understand. For this case, we suggest that you have a dictionary handy to look up these terms. It is well known that the skipping of certain words or terms that are not understood at first can lead to a misunderstanding of the subject matter that is studied, even to giving up the studies all together. Such skipping naturally can cause that whatever instructions follow will be acquired and understood incompletely or not at all. To prevent that, please be sure that you know the terms that we are using. It is in your own interest!

When using your Chi generator correctly and effectively, you will have a lifetime of success and fun with it. In the course of time, you will certainly use your device for many different situations, including situations that are much beyond the scope of what we are going to show you in this manual. Your Chi generator is a device with near-infinite flexibility and so are the potential uses of this extraordinary device! For instance, you can project life force in many ways: to humans, animals, plants, objects, even specific situations and trends towards results that you intend to achieve, as you will find out later. The only limit is your imagination.

After these introductory notes, we are going to deal with life force that your generator is producing. It is important that you understand the theory that is the basis for the technology of these devices, so that you can make use of them fully. Be sure to work through all experiments and exercises that you find in this manual. Once you have done this, you will soon cherish the beneficial, relaxing, constructive and positive effects of your Chi generator and orgone radionics device!


2.  What is a Chi-Generator?  

During the course of human history, life force received many names: In the East it was called Prana (India), Chi (China), Ki (Japan). In Hawaii, it was Mana, in the West it was Od (Karl von Reichenbach), Orgone (Reich), Animal Magnetism (Mesmer), Auxones (Waerland), and many others.

What is life force?

Orgone, Od, Prana, or Chi is an energy that is universally present in the universe. Its main characteristic is dynamic flow, and pulse: movement. In this respect, there is similarity the electromagnetic fields, as you will find out later.

For the accumulation of life force, certain materials proved to be very effective. Franz Anton Mesmer used oaken barrels that he filled with iron filings to attract life force. Apparently, assuming a connection of life force with magnetism he drew a conclusion that led him to the developing of quite powerful life force accumulators: Perhaps this was more a coincidence than the result of a correct recognition of the characteristics of life force (animal magnetism).

Mesmer's assumption and consequent success reminds us of Marconi who assumed that the electromagnetic frequencies follow the curvature of the Earth when he succeeded in his first transatlantic signal transmission with the help of EMF's. Marconi was not quite correct as far as fundamental characteristics of electromagnetic frequencies are concerned, yet it worked, because an atmospheric layer reflects the frequencies that he used! This and Mesmer's oak barrels, show that sometimes even a wrong assumption can lead to a significant technological advance. For Mesmer's barrels there was little political incentive to pursue his inventions while in the case of Marconi, although he too was ridiculed by skeptics at first ("signals can transfer only through wires, therefore ..."), the political will was there, mostly due to the war efforts of many nations. For a path breaking invention to "make it", it generally takes such a political will! In the past many significant innovations and inventions have been blocked by religious interest. In Europe, many innovative scientists were burned at the stake by "skeptics" who claimed to know the laws of God and nature, while in China the shackles of a religion- and tradition-based bureaucracy simply did not allow any application of innovation and technological progress for centuries!

Wilhelm Reich, at last, discovered that what he called "organic materials", i.e., materials that contain carbon or silicone such as paper, wool, cotton, sand, or glass wool attract and hold life energy while metal has the characteristic of attracting life force and immediately repelling it. Reich used this dynamic interaction to build his orgone accumulators: he built boxes with alternating layers of organic and metallic matter. The outside is organic while the innermost layer is metallic. He recognized that the capability to attract and store life force (orgone) increased with the increase of layers.

Later Reich discovered that he could achieve a similar effect when he mixed quartz sand with iron filings. This worked well when he used this to energize his patients, because the patients immediately pulled off the life force, which was essentially a similar effect as the innermost metallic layer of an orgone box.

Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of the orgone generator (Welz Chi Generator) developed Orgonite, which is a material that uses a metal alloy with extremely strong attractive and repelling characteristics in combination with a special type of epoxy, plus a few other enhancing materials that will remain classified for the time being. This mixture has proven to be by far the most effective one as far as accumulation and, in the case of the Welz Chi Generators, the generation of life force, or orgone. All Welz Chi Generators are made with this material!

Therefore, you have with your Welz Chi Generator a device that has been designed according to the newest knowledge of Orgone Physics. It generates massive amounts of life force rather than accumulating it. When you start working with your Welz Chi Generator and perform the practices that we describe in this manual, you will soon realize how it feels to work with concentrated life energy. In fact, most humans have sufficient sensitivity to feel the energy that comes from the output pipe. Some can even see it! If you performed any one of our transfer tests, you know what we are talking about!

On the other hand, don't worry should you not feel the life force initially. With a bit of practice and, above all, the necessary relaxed attitude and concentration almost everybody is capable to feel life force within a relatively short time. If you think of your first attempts to ride a bicycle, you know what we are talking about here. Here too you moved the handle bar extensively to keep balance. Later you mastered this fully and keeping of your balance was no longer a problem. In a similar way, the perception of life force and work with it will be quite natural to you.

3.  What is an Orgone Radionics Device?
One line of our devices are pure Welz Chi Generators, i.e., they exclusively generate life force: the LPOG-series and the EPG 1100 ET. Another line is combinations of one or more Chi Generators with a radionics device: the RAD series and the ATGS 3000.

What, then, is Radionics?

Radionics is a technology of interaction with the mind (more details about that later) with the help of which you can act upon people, groups, living beings, and situations, at a distance. You can achieve this influence by using life force and structural links.

We know by now what life force is, but what are structural links? Moreover, how is it possible that an effect can produced at a distance?

Well, let us look at it closer. To generate an effect at a distance is not something impossible, but it is quite natural. Think about a radio and how it functions. Obviously, the radio is not connected by wire with the radio station, and yet the radio station can generate an effect in our radio by transferring news, music, commercials, and whatever else. This is a well accepted fact in our days. But think ... If you had mentioned a century ago that such a thing was possible, you would have had the "skeptics" of the day ridicule you, even trying to destroy your reputation, especially when they had ties to vested interests that for whatever reason, religious or commercial, did not desire innovation!

It is a similar situation with radionics. For a hundred years, it exists and it has been ahead of its time since then, yet the political will for this innovation is still missing as far as the majority of "modern humans" is concerned, and the "skeptics" have still their hay day!

Naturally, it is our attitude that ultimately decides if we want to reap the advantages and benefits of this technology or not.

Most certainly, you have heard some weird stories about a shaman or practitioner of Voodoo who had an impact upon another human being even though this human was not present. The Voodoo priest, for instance, makes a doll that symbolizes the envisioned target of his work, usually a human being. If possible, this practitioner also inserts very personal items belonging to the target person into this doll such as hair, fingernails, or parts of clothing, may be a signature or photo. Using this type connection, this practitioner is obviously capable of having an effect upon the human being the doll represents, even if he or she is half around the globe. How this Voodoo priest influences that person is solely his decision. (Note: Voodoo is by no means limited to the infamous use of pins in dolls, but in many more cases includes practices to influence the outcome of challenges that other human beings may have positively!)

In the example above, the doll, we realize that the priest uses something that belongs to the target person. These objects establish the structural linkage. Such structural links are connections that are established with identical things and with equivalent settings. Structural links allow the flow of life force at any distance.

In the previous chapter where we discussed the Welz Chi Generator we mentioned that life force is subject to laws that are essentially different from the laws that govern electromagnetic frequencies such as light in the universe. One of the characteristics of life force is that it transfers at any distance, provided the structural links that are present make this transfer possible.

In the example of the Voodoo doll, hair and finger nails of the person upon which the priest acts are such a structural link. This is so, because theses objects are unique and part of the person, by virtue of its genetic code. It is like a personal phone number with 99 digits with the help of which the practitioner of Voodoo can reach this person. This is similar to the radio station, which can have an effect upon your radio, provided it is fine tuned to the sender. With the same "fine tuning" of identical structures (such as the genetic code) life force can be projected at any distance.

Such phenomena are almost impossible to explain when we limit ourselves exclusively the conventional world mapping of a 4-dimensional relativistic Gaussian space-time continuum or a similar limited mapping. To this day, most humans are unaware of this specific characteristic of life force, i.e., the capability to bridge any distance without loss of energy. In fact, a great many of them do not even know of the existence of life force! For a long time this was a well- guarded secret.

It is time now that we expand our mapping of the world (understanding of the world) in order to be capable of using the benefits of this exciting new technology to its max!

There are many types of structural links. Hair and fingernails are an example. For this type we use the term "identical structural links", because the hair and finger nails in the doll are identical with the same hair and fingernails that are still part of the person to whom they belonged to begin with.

Now let us take another example: When you focus upon a person who is not present, in other words, if you see that person with your "inner eye" mentally, you establish a structural link with that person! You may have run across the following: You think of a specific person and shortly afterwards the telephone is ringing. Who might this be? Well, it's no other that the person who came to your mind previously ... "hello - well, that's funny, I just thought about you! ..."

You can mentally establish a structural link with a person, object, or situation; consequently, we can direct life force mentally. Therefore, if we concentrate upon something, even if we just think of it, we establish a structural connection to the object of our thought. Wise men of the old times kept telling their disciples that they "watch their thoughts, because where your thoughts dwell, your energy flows!"

This ancient observation concerning our mind has a lot more to it than we may realize originally.

Our mind is apparently capable of establishing a mentally created structural connection with someone or something, upon which it focuses attentively. This fact is of utter importance in the work with your radionics device. Remember, we mentioned that radionics is a technology of interaction with the mind. This means that we use basic characteristics of our mental activity to get a result. Now, how then is action at any distance possible?

Here again, life force is the deciding factor: the stronger the life force is that surrounds an operation such as the Voodoo practice that we described earlier, the stronger the structural link can act that bridges the assumed confinements of space-time, and the more effective this operation will be.

Of course, it is not our intention to pierce a doll with pins in order to generate an effect on a person who is thousands of miles away. The example, however, is a good one to explain how such action is possible and to describe the essential elements of such an action.

To sum it all up, we need:

1. Sufficiently strong life force in the function as a "carrier" of the operation, and
2. Sufficiently strong structural linkage to the target of the operation

If we fail to take care of these preconditions, the effect of our operations will likely be next to nil.

Now, we may ask, if that energy transfer is possible, just how do we want to act upon these people or events? Every operation at a distance such as work with a radionics device is performed with a specific goal in mind: to cause a specific trend, or action, that can lead to a desired goal of the operation. If, for instance, a friend of yours is unhappy with a relation, we can send him help and energy that will cause him to recover rapidly. We can imagine mentally that he is happy, which is a mentally created structural link to a trend-energy of happiness. Instead of the mental focus that is tiring when practices for any extended period of time, we can also use something more stead: symbols that represent fortunate circumstances and happiness or a corresponding setting of the radionics device.

When we supply the link to this trend with strong life force, then the probability of more rapid recovery is heightened. Therefore, besides strong life force to link up with the target (such as our friend), we also need

3. Sufficiently strong structural linkage to the envisioned trend (in our case this was a feeling of happiness and getting out of a slump).

This means that any action at a distance requires at least these three basic elements to be successful. If any one of these is missing, then the operation is doomed to fail. Shamans, Voodoo priests, and others knew that all along!

If you are looking at many of these ancient "esoteric" or "psychic" practices of action at a distance or perception at a distance in the light of what you just learned, you will realize why these shamans - and others - did the things their way. You will recognize by now that behind that facade of a "hocus pocus" you find down-to earth methods that evolved from old wisdom concerning life force a and structural links.

As an example: In an old book about "sympathetic methods" (an old word for methods based on structural linkage) you find the following instructions for helping a sick person (more like energizing):

"Take seven hairs of the person. Find a young and strong tree. Drill a hole in the trunk of a young, strong, and healthy tree. Put the hair into the hole and close it with the wood of the same tree. The person will feel better."

Here we see: All three principles are active in this operation:

1. Sufficient life force
2. A strong link to the target person (the hair, preferably with follicle), and
3. A strong structural link to the trend (health) as expressed in the health of the young tree and, of course, the intent of the operator.

This wisdom concerning these three principles is at the basis of our work with the radionics device. In fact, this new technology of orgone radionics together with this scientific approach to age-old empirical practices opens up many new possibilities. One of the most important ones of these possibilities is the fact that now even an untrained person who uses this technology can now get similar results, even better ones, than a professional who trained for years to get his skills, but does not own and operate this equipment. Traditional esoteric training of the old times and in our times dedicated a lot of training to the establishing of structural links and to the generating of life force! With the invention of the Welz Chi Generator such a task is considerable easier, training is no longer an absolute necessity. Simply put a trend link and target connection onto the wells of the radionics device, set the rates, turn on the life force generator, and you are now capable of working on the target person continuously without much of your own effort!

Such continuous and massive supply of life force can bridge the distance between trend and target, thus establishing a "trend-field" around the target person. The probability that the envisioned event takes place is much higher! As far as the action of life force is concerned, distance is a result of structural differences. In other words: The closer to identity the structures used are, the less the distance between their location.

Unique structural links guarantee very effective transfer, spreading to other - also similar - structures is unlikely. This compares to your radio: the reception is much better if it is tuned precisely to the radio station.

Your radionics device enables you to get very precise structural linkage. When you work with this device conscientiously, you will soon have the necessary experience to establish very reliable and unique structural links.

Of course, this has to do with the knobs and dials of the tuner and with the stick pad. The pad, which is an integral part of most radionics devices, is designed to help you establish optimal structural links. Simply rub the stick pad gently with your thumb or finger tip while slowly turning one of the dials. Whenever your finger "rubs" differently ("the stick"), this indicates that you stop turning the dial. The number that you get this way is the correct rate, or radionic setting.

More about that in part IV

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