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Congratulations to your decision to acquire a Welz Chi Generator, Orgone Radionics Device or Power Radionics Program!

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Orgone Technology and Accessories

The Welz Chi Generator is exciting new technology that you can use to get an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sports performance, relationships, and sex! If you feel that you are just falling short of everything, the Chi Generator may give you the assistance that you need to have your dreams come true.  In this section we are presenting you the various devices and kits of the ultimate in orgone technology, radionics, and mind machine technology, and how you can use them to help you enhance your life.

Orgone, Radionics and Other Action at a Distance
Compare the existing 
Approaches to Action 
at a Distance:
Using orgone to boost your operation or radionics means to combine the best of all technologies and to trans cend all conventional practices. The results are powerful and long lasting!
Amateurish Operation, usually by 
blindly following instructions 
of a how-to book, grimoire, 
or other instructions.  Very weak Life
force during the operation.
Success questionnable.
Professional Work: Operator builds a strong life force field that surrounds the operation. Strong burst of  Life force during work helps success.
Orgone Boosted Operation: The Welz Chi Generator provides continuous supply of strong
Life force.
Typical Radionics Setup without knowledge of the importance of life force. Continuous supply of weak Life force helps success somewhat, but it takes its time!
Orgone Boosted Radionics: Continuous supply of strong Life force for powerful action and long lasting success!.
To Introduction

Home ...
1.  Congratulations!

2.  What is a Chi-Generator?

3.  What is an Orgone Radionics Device?

II. First Steps with Your Equipment
1. Inspection
2. Warranty

3. Disclaimer

4. Become acquainted with your Equipment!

III. The Equipment
A. Chi-Generators
1.  EPG 1100 ET 
2.  LPOG 2400 DL

3  LPOG 2200 HD

B. Orgon-Radionics Devices
1.  RAD 2000

2.  RAD 2400 DL

3.  RAD 2400 HD
4.  RAD 5
5. ATGS 3000  

C. Attachments
1. PBT 2000
2. PBTBH 2000

IV. Operation of the Welz Chi Generators
1. Setting up and testing the frequencies
2. To increase the power of the EPG 1100 ET

V. Step-by-step Introduction
1. First Steps
1.1. Feel the Chi Energy Output
1.2. Feel Differences in Energy Output
1.3. Feel Energy Output at a Distance
1.4. Energize Yourself with a Structural Link
1.5. Energize Distilled Water
1.6. Relax Yourself

1.7. Self-Programming
1.8. Energy Transfer with the Radionics Device

1.9. Intermediate Self-Programming

1.10. Project Chi at another person
1.11. Relax another person
1.12. Activate another person

1.13. Intuition, Intelligence, Creativity

1.14. Tuning into other people at a Distance using Structural Linkage

1.15. Meditation Practices

2. Advanced uses of your Orgone Radionics Device

2.1. Structural Links and Energy Transfer

2.2. Energy Transfer to Humans, animals, Plants, etc., with radionics
2.3. Success Management, Advanced Trend Management

3. Examples of Success Strategies and effective Trend Management

3.1. The pitfalls in more detail: Examples

3.2. Potential Solutions - The Wheel of Success!

3.3. Example of the Fat-Buster - Success in Weight Control and Fitness

3.4. Example of Business Success, Wealth, Leadership, Political Success

3.5. The Ladder of Success

3.6. Business Consulting, Success Consulting

1. The RI 2400 CD  Radionic Program
Radionics Interface Setup


The Program

Image Boxes

Text Boxes

To use the program as an interface

with a RAD 2400 DL or RAD 2400 HDS

Conversely, to use the program as an

electronic stick pad of your 

RAD 2400 or RAD 2400 HDS

The Power Radionics 2k Program

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