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A Gigantic Step into the Future:  Wilhelm Reich built the first modern orgone accumulators
In 1991, Karl Hans Welz invented and built the first orgone generator® (Chi generator®) on the planet !!!

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By now it is obvious that the natural characteristics of Chi energy make possible all action at a distance.  For persons who are unaware of its basic functions (I am talking about negative entropy and structural transfer), Chi energy appears to be a “medium” that is “modulated” by trend energies which it then “carries” to the target.  That assumption is as primitive as the assumption of some practitioners who kill chicken in order to “feed” their spirit servants with Chi energy, and at the same time it is correct when viewed under a specific angle.

Experienced traditional practitioners of all times in history knew very well this simple fact:  No action at a distance, no magick, without Chi energy!  This energy carries the secret of positive permanent change and mind control at a distance.  Therefore, Chi energy is the fuel of all action at a distance, including the comparably recent radionics!

The challenge that traditional practitioners faced, then, was to have access to large amounts of Chi energy (many of them called it “psychic power”), to do effective work.  Their methods to generate Chi energy have been as varied as the cultures and religions into which they were born.  Some of the more advanced practitioners always knew how to draw Chi energy from the universe around them, while the majority of practitioners used an array of other methods, such as generating Chi energy in one’s own body (tai chi), generating it by means of strong emotions, and by having groups dance or walk in circles.  Some traditions such as Voodoo and Santeria are still practicing animal sacrifice to cause strong releases of Chi energy.

It is obvious by now that the capability to generate massive amounts of Chi energy makes action at a distance, including radionics, easy for any person!  This certainly has been one of the reasons, why many shamans, priests, and other professionals of the past and of the present decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems! Under no circumstances did they want to lose their very lucrative incomes.

an extensive set of tests

In the course of Chi energy research, additional characteristics of Chi energy became very obvious.  Wilhelm Reich and others after him demonstrated the existence of DOR, or deadly orgone.  This is a form of Chi energy, which according to Reich has become "stale.”  In our days, this type energy is often connected with strong electro smog such as under any kind of fluorescent lights.  Many persons feel strangely weakened, even sick, under such conditions.

DOR originates also under certain natural conditions.  Of course, such natural DOR eventually transforms back into healthy orgone, because of the impact of the living pulse of natural orgone.  Reich was unaware of this function of pulsating Chi energy, and this became obvious as a result of my own experimentation.  In artificial conditions however, such as under continuous impact of electro smog, such transformation is counteracted continuously with the generation of new DOR, in which case the weakening and depressing atmosphere remains.

The person who is familiar with traditional orgone accumulators (an orgone accumulator passively draws orgone from the surrounding atmosphere while the Chi Generator® generates massive amounts of orgone energy) knows that such devices can “foul up” with DOR in an atmosphere with deadly orgone (DOR) present. Reich found that out the hard way in his famous “Oranur Experiment.”

The Chi Generator® can supply any atmosphere that contains DOR with pulsating Chi energy continuously. Therefore it naturally transforms DOR back into healthy pulsating orgone even when large amounts of DOR are present.  For instance, if an orgone generator® (continuously emitting orgone that pulsates naturally) is running next to any one of our DOR generators, their life-threatening emanations of DOR are instantly transformed into healthy orgone.  In fact, any orgone accumulating device (orgone accumulator, orgone shooter, orgone blanket and the like) that has fouled up in such an atmosphere of DOR can be restored to its original accumulating function rapidly when put next to a Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) for a few minutes.

Note: Of recent, there are devices on the market, which passively attract orgone.  In fact, these devices are orgone accumulators, which their manufacturers falsely try to market as “orgone generators®”. The difference to the traditional orgone accumulator usually are some mere Nerw-Agey additions, features such as crystals; some of them are built in the shape of pyramids, and the like.

Structural Links and Chi energy (to sum it all up)
The preceding theory of Chi energy and action at a distance is solely based on the proven characteristics of structural linkage and negative entropy of Chi energy.  Therefore it makes certainly more sense when it comes to explaining the amazing results of shamanistic work, magic, radionics and other methods often referred to as “spiritual” than practically all explanations of our days that use unproven concepts, such as non-measurable “frequencies,” various “ethers,” “higher planes,” specific assumed “morphogenetic fields,” anthropomorphic “spirits” and the like.  My principal approach in establishing any mapping, or theory, is to
keep it simple!

Give this perhaps “unorthodox” theory that is naturally based on experiments and functional thinking a chance and you will notice soon that many phenomena that were “unexplainable” up to now can be explained in quite easy terms!

Use this theory when working with action at a distance, magic or any other method such as motivational techniques and self-improvement, and you will notice an almost immediate, often unexpected, increase of flexibility, capability and action at a distance.

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Any action at a distance, magic and radionics are perfectly interchangeable!

A radionics machine establishes non-fleeting and stable structural links, contrary to the human mind, which has the characteristic of "moving around;" and so do magical objects, or symbols (sigils).

Therefore, a radionics machine can also be called a “universal magical sigil”. It is a technological device that establishes structural links and holds these structures longer than our mind would do.  The advantage of the radionics machine over the symbol as used in traditional magic (also referred to as "magickal sigil") is its infinite flexibility, which allows it being set up for any purpose!  

The seasoned magicians or our days always prefer a combination of the two: the magical sigil to make use of energies that people have used successfully over and over again and the radionics machine for the purpose of fine-tuning these energies and adjusting them to the specific purpose of the operation. This way they can tie into well-established energy patterns (the magickal sigil), which they modify for a specific purpose with the radionics machine. The Manifestation Software combines the two in a most effective way!

The most important factor required for the success of a radionics operation is not the specific make-up of the machine that you use to establish equivalent structural links; it is the amount of Chi energy used for the operation and the sophistication and adaptability of the envisioned trend energies, ideally as an "independently acting" thought form. That's why the RAD 2400 HD is ideal for all your magickal work (see the diagrams above!!!).

It is obvious by now that the radionics machine is extremely useful when it comes to establishing equivalent structural links that connect to any desired target, trend, or to both.

You know by now that Magic is action that uses Chi energy and structural links. Then, Seen under this aspect, radionics is magic that uses technological machines (including computer software) as universal structural links that you can tune to any desired trend and/or target.

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Old Time Practitioners and the Chi Generator®
How Old Time Practitioners have Been Generating Chi energy

From the previous chapter it became obvious that, to act successfully at a distance, even thousands of miles away, shamans, spiritual workers and practitioners of magic of all ages had to find ways of generating the necessary Chi energy, or "psychic power." Their approaches have been as varied as the cultures and religions into which they were born.
The more evolved practitioners of magic always knew how to draw Chi energy from the universe around them. The majority of practitioners, however, used an array of other methods such as generating Chi energy in one's own body (tai chi), generating it by means of strong emotions, and by having groups dance or walk in circles. Some traditions such as Voodoo and Santeria are still practicing animal sacrifice to cause strong releases of Chi energy.

The New Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator®),
A Powerful, Easy and Economical Way to Generate Chi energy for Radionics and Magick!!!

With the new Chi Generator® that is built into your radionics machine or which you put onto your magical set-up ("altar"), you have now a decisive advantage over any one of these old-time practitioners of magic. Now you have technology that can provide your work with a continuous supply of Chi energy.  None of the traditional shamans or practitioners of magick can draw Chi energy continuously with their limited means!   No coven can walk in circles and chant at all times, and no follower of the Santeria or Voodoo traditions can kill chicken or goats at all times to supply continuous power to a spell.

The orgone generator® (Chi Generator®) inside the Power Radionics Machine is the power center of your personal ROAD to SUCCESS, because it supplies strong Chi energy continuously!!!

Chi energy (psychic power, magical energy, chi, prana, etc.) is now accessible to everybody who has the open mind to use this exciting new technology! Therefore, to gain a technological EDGE over others is easy. All that's needed is a structural link (psychic link) such as a hair, photo, or signature, together with a structural setting (rate) on your radionics machine to the target with a representative of the type energy that you intend to send. Your Equipment does the rest for you at the flip of a switch!

This amazing new magical radionics technology certainly opens up new dimensions in all types of action at a distance! It is all you need for powerful impact upon your destiny!!!

With such powerful equipment in your hands, it does not matter at all if you are fully trained according to some tradition of magic or not. This is so, because the new Power Magic technology provides you with a technological edge over any person who does not own this extraordinary equipment. The Chi Generator® inside the Power Radionics machine is the new technological solution to the age-old problem of generating permanent positive change !!!

As a result of the invention of the Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®), radionics and magic will never be the same again!

The situation that followed the invention of the Chi Generator® is very much like it was in the old times when cars were beginning to substitute the more traditional ways of transportation such as buggies and horses.   Traditional radionics and magic, from now on out, may be something romantic to do such as is riding in a buggy for a tourist.  It's for the nostalgic person who likes its trappings, its ancient ritual, and the clumsiness of its working!!!

Naturally, since it is fast results, lasting solutions, and permanent positive change that you want, the use of modern technological equipment is certainly more appropriate for you than walking in circles, chanting barbarisms, and killing chickens! With Your Power Radionics machine you have now the tool to outperform any advanced practitioner, magician, or shaman, who does not use this exciting new technology!!!

The RAD 2000 and especially the RAD 2400 HD definitely offer you the ultimate in magical technology. You can use these extraordinary devices to help you enhance your life now ... and all that at a very competitive price !!!

In all actuality, by now it is the time for you to take the next natural step: to acquire a cutting edge magical technology, based on orgone-boosted power radionics that has an unlimited potential for you now !!!

Orgone-Boosted Magic and Power Radionics™ are the great result of exciting new technology that you can effectively use to get an assured technological edge in every day life such as in prosperity and abundance, relationships and sex !!!